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Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Interpersonal trust and disaffected high school youth. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Block, J. Generational continuity and discontinuity in the understanding of societal rejection. Google Scholar. Socialization correlates of student activism. Issues — Levels of trust are higher in more equal rich countries and in more equal US states [50]. See also: Consumer confidence.

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Computationally Modeling Interpersonal Trust

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Joint Conf. An Experimental Investigation. Quarterly Journal of Economics May , pp. Doubleday, NY. Polity Press. Computing with Social Trust. Neves, Paulo Sousa. Bulloch, Sarah Louise. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey United Kingdom.. In its capacity as a cornerstone of social capital, interpersonal trust is identified as a key element for the functioning of civil society and the development and maintenance of democracy. In the wake of claims that social capital is dwindling in the United States of America Putnam , , much research has tracked trends over time and across populations to better understand the causes and consequences of inter-personal trust.

The association between interpersonal trust and gender, however, has never been made clear. It is this lacuna that the thesis addresses. The research focuses on the ways in which women's interpersonal trust, as measured by questions in social surveys, is different to men's. It is argued that currently trust research falls short of integrating theoretical insights with empirical results and that linking theories of trust to individual survey-based trust questions assists notably in this process.