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Studying Going back to my first point, an important goal to have for your junior year is to have good grades in all your classes. To tackle this goal, great study skills need to be set into place. If this is your first year of practicing study habits, the internet will be your best resource. There are thousands of articles, online guides and videos to watch about different studying methods. Of course, the flash card method and reviewing your notes are helpful, but it is important to create a unique and fun studying routine! Create a game, set rewards for yourself, etc.

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Find a method or two that works with you and roll with it. Time Management As human beings, we tend to have a hard time juggling everything on our everyday plate. As juniors, some of us participate in extracurricular activities and sports while others work at a job or an internship. Though all of these are excellent, trying to cram extracurricular, jobs, school work, hobbies, friends and family time all into a 24 hour period can be difficult.

Your priorities are tasks that need to be dealt with immediately; and others ranking lower on the list are secondary tasks to deal with. Priorities may include school, sports and family while lesser ranked items may include friends, personal projects, etc.

Then, in empty spaces, I fill in items from list of lower priorities. This allows you to: visualize your tasks laid out for a weekly period and also allows you to set specific times to deal with different tasks. Your College Search As mentioned before, junior year is the year to figure out what colleges you plan on considering. Need Money to Pay for College? Easy Scholarship to Apply.

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Quick and Easy to Apply. At the same time mistakes, failures and setbacks as well. My achievements, my successes and my accomplishments are the one that make me happy and proud.

How to Write a Career Goals Essay in 5 Easy Steps

Whereas, my mistakes, my failures and setbacks make me strong and bold. There are various kinds of achievements one may have. There are some examples of achievements like personal achievements, academic achievements, sports achievements etc. There are various roles in which one achieves something.

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Taking myself as an example it would be like my achievements as a teacher, my accomplishments as student in school, college or in personal life. Academic achievements are those gains that are accomplished by a student during his high school, college or university life. Everyone who is well taught has some personal achievements including academic achievements as well. Extracurricular activities are the part of a healthy person.

5-Paragraph Personal Goals Essay -- Part 1 -- Getting Started

I always take pride in participating in various extracurricular activities in my school. There are a few extracurricular achievements I must be proud of. These are my achievements in my school as a student.

I feel a great sense of pride for my student life accomplishment. I will try my level best to add more best personal achievements in my coming life days. Achievements are the signs of good student life. They show the talent, the worth and the status of a student. To achieve something we work hard and we become focused.

Therefore, we learn a lot of things like self discipline, hard work, dedication, self respect and motivation. I have a good many my school achievements. I must be proud of whatever I have achieved through out my personal life. I am the student of class your current class.

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  6. Currently I am studying at the school Write the name of your school. Throughout my years of schools I have achieved valuable success. I have some personal achievements, some academic achievements and a few extracurricular achievements. I have been a diligent and dedicated student of my school.